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Our 12,000 sqft gym has been fully redesigned following our huge investment in the latest motivational interactive technology designed to give our members the ultimate workout experience.

Burn Fitness Gym Cleethorpes


We have a dedicated Free Weights area which is the best equipped and largest in the region with our Jordan dumbbell sets up to 60kg and multiple Olympic benches. This area is fully mirrored for optimal training.


Our dry saunas are in each of our changing rooms, perfect for after a workout, you can even have a cool shower straight after for the full experience. Each sauna is equipment for 6 people and always set at the optimum temperature for the maximum health benefits.

Burn Fitness Gym Cleethorpes
Burn Fitness Gym Cleethorpes


Hammer Strength is the No. 1 brand of Plate-Loaded equipment in the world and is designed to be easy-to-use with a smooth motion that moves with the body's natural path of movement. Our large seperate plated loaded area includes a full range of Plate-Loaded equipment, dead lifting platforms,  HD Elite Racks, Olympic and power lifting Benches.


Experience the latest motivational interactive technology in our dedicated multi-station cardio zone. How ever you like to get your heart rate up we have the machine for you. Our top of the range Life Fitness equipment interacts with all your favourite fitness apps. Download the free LFconnect app and get immediate and accurate results while you workout. Bluetooth compatibility connects users to the equipment for workout tracking, hands-free heart rate monitoring and enhanced entertainment. So, whether it’s our treadmills, power mills, indoor cycles or rowers we have the perfect workout for you.

Burn Fitness Gym Cleethorpes
Burn Fitness Gym Cleethorpes


We have multiple resistance stations. The Life Fitness expert design creates controlled, natural feeling motions that provide an enjoyable experience for users at all fitness levels. The QR code connects to the LFconnect app so users can see a video detailing correct use and track your progress.


We teamed up with Life Fitness to create our unique SYNRGY360 Rig which provides a motivating, exciting and energetic workout environment. The Synrgy 360 Rig offers transformational and inspiring fitness experiences ideal for dynamic small group training, one-on-one personal training and for individuals as the nearly limitless options keeps workouts fresh.

Burn Fitness Gym Cleethorpes
Burn Fitness Gym Cleethorpes


We also have some fantastic pieces of specialist kit so you can really push yourself to the MAX ! The ICG Training Bike has a unique Coach By Color® intensity guide, WattRate® Power Meter. Download the ICG App to provide workout encouragement and engagement, making the ICG indoor cycling an experience unlike any other. Incorporate a new dimension into your training with our CURVE TREADMILL, a completely self-powered treadmill that will challenge the entire body whilst burning up to 30% more calories than any other treadmill. Our SKI-ERG helps you build strength and endurance by working the entire body in an efficient and rhythmic motion. Our PROWLER SLED is extremely versatile piece of equipment that offers many benefits and produces incredible results in a short amount of time.

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