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The Daily Burn

We have launched a brand new timetable at Burn and it's jam packed with fabulous classes.

If you're new to Burn or are thinking about trying a class for the first time then here is a little overveiw of some of our most popular ones.

Let's start with our Les Mills classes......from BodyPump, BodyCombat, Body Attack to the new Grit Programme these classes are scientifically designed to get results!

We have also taken delivery of our brand new KEISER M3 Bikes and have launched 3 fantastic KEISER classes.

Don't forget to get yourself set up correctly before you start then simply jump on your bike and enjoy the ride !

The KEISER RIDE incorporates elements of both keiser power and keiser endurance from short intense intervals to longer, less intense, more functional time trials and climbs.

The KEISER POWER is your archetypal HIIT training session with shorter, more intensive intervals. An ideal class for members who maybe enjoy fast paced team sports such as football or hockey which require short, fast energy bursts and the ability to recover quickly.

The KEISER ENDURANCE is ideal for members who deal in stamina as their currency of choice, such as long distance runners and triathletes. A hugely rewarding class as the calories burned will be enormous and the sweat level is off the charts.

If all of that sounds a little too energetic or you fancy something a little more relaxed and mindful then why not try one of our Yoga, Pilates or Meditation classes which will help you stretch and tone your muscles, strengthen your core and improve your posture leaving you with an overall feeling of calm and wellness.

There is so much to choose from and we haven't even mentioned our Tabata, Insanity, Zumba, Streetdance, Treadmills or LBT classes!

Why not download our class timetable (See Below) and plan to try something new every week ?

Download: burn-class-timetable_002.pdf

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